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Crazy Soy II attacks crops in the Cerrado

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- Agricultural credit reached R$ 41.8 billion in the 2010/11 season
CTNBio limit access to processes and frees two maize varieties
Commercialization of soybeans speeds with high of price
Giant in commodities purchased two plants in Brazil for US$ 950 million

WTO: Brazil wins the fight with the U.S. on orange juice

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Researcher of Embrapa is persecuted for denouncing impacts in the Pantanal

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Editor's comment
I know the researcher Dra. Debora Calheiros (Embrapa -Pantanal) and her work in defending the Brazilian Pantanal since mid-1990.
Her performance has always been guided by scientific analysis and careful steps in order to protect the environment and human populations affected by the impacts of projects in the region.
In this regard, I also subscribe the motion of support to Debora, organized by Sinpaf (a reserchers Union), hoping to immediately cease the harassment she is suffering within her institution and also that the direction of the state company gives her support to face the external attacks.
Maurício Galinkin
New study by Embrapa-Food: - Use of ultrasound in food preservation (in Portuguese), by Regina Isabel Nogueira
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